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Play Button Tutorial Play Button Tutorial

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Ok, it was very simple and stuff, no problem at all. No preloader, it's a small file, no problem at all.

But seriously. You should at least explain step-by-step what to do. Apart from the actionscript part (that you didn't even explain, just telled people to paste it), everyone that messed around in flash for a few minutes would know.
You should do something that teaches really, not some copy and paste stuff.

I will give you some points because your effort do do it, and the simplicity.

Here's a suggestion, teach how to step by step, and explain then.
Like, teaching how to create a button, how to put the actions, explain what this action ( and stuff) do and explain how to work with buttons (the up, over, down and hit part at least).

andreass responds:


that wasnt copy and pasted e.e

FRED - Animated Series FRED - Animated Series

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I don't like writing comments on my reviews, but i gotta say, FINALLY!

Bob I: A non sense Tale Bob I: A non sense Tale

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Really, i can't believe that some guys just keep random clicking to vote 5.
Oh, i don't want to offend it too, but i think it shouldn't have passed.

Well, next time, put more effort in the animation, and some music.
I hope to see more movies from you, and hope that you put more effort in these future movies. :D

See ya!

UncleBrago responds:

Thanks for reviewing, I will sure do put more effort next time, this was sort of a test of my skills, and I don't think it would have passed if I didnt write', in those big letters, the workds saying that I would suck my balls... I just didn't tell wich balls I was going to suck... Glad you have sort of an expectation for my next movies, but they surely won't come soon, as I am busy with the school, the classes are ending, and while I don't get another Flash Trial before buying it, it will take a while until you can see a new submission from me. Thank you for you spent time to review my movie, and I don't mind you think it shouldn't have passed, cos actually, I agree with you, but it's your opinion, I am here just to read reviews and respond to people :)

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Crush the Castle Crush the Castle

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game, but sometimes frustating

So, this game is great, like, it's just great. It's addicting, and it likes, make you want to play over and over and over. Besides, it's a well polished game, and i didn't see any glitches on it, so it's kind of perfect.

However, sometimes the game just gets too dificult! And well, i had to say i didn't finished it because i got frustated in later levels. Also, when there are a lot of "stuff", it starts to lag.

The create your level option it's great, it's always funny to play other people levels and make your own levels for other people to play, it adds a huge replay value to the game.

If you put on side the difficult of the game, it's really a awesome game, and worth every minute playing.

Hey, i created a level too! And it comes with a challenge, try to kill everyone with 1 single big "rock". If you can't then, oh well, just try again. Also i formated the code so you can play it :)(maybe you gotta join everything in the same line, idk).

1~fl_w:858.4,343.2|p_t:826.55,393.3|p _s:914.95,176.6|c_k:675,381.65|w_i:59 5,360|w_i:575,360|w_i:555,360|fl_i:54 1.7,293.3|w_i:533.3,360|w_i:511.65,35 8.35|w_i:490,358.35|w_i:470,358.35|w_
i:449.9,358.25|fl_i:541.7,275|fl_i:54 1.65,283.25|fl_i:541.65,265|p_s:446.6 5,235|ws_i:945,388.35|fs_i:946.7,355|
ws_i:993.35,388.35|fs_i:995,355|p_s:1 013.35,320.05|w_w:1083.35,355|w_w:108 3.4,233.35|fl_s:1161.65,163.35|w_w:12 38.35,356.65|w_w:1238.3,233.35|ws_s:1 071.7,128.3|ws_s:1250.05,128.3|c_s:11 03.35,125|c_s:1218.35,125|p_s:1066.7,

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Barbarian Bob [Remake] Barbarian Bob [Remake]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Ok, the game was very good. There is my opinion about your game.

The drawings and animations are very simple, but it didn't lagged and the forest part, right after the cave was awesome looking.

The sound was good too, the music kinda fitted the game parts and the sound effects, well, they just did the job.

The "idea" of the game it's just cool, but it's so over used (or whatever it is spelled). Anyways, the shield sistem was a "new" stuff.

Now i have some stuff to say to you, about the game, then i will just talk about the glitches.

So, i want to say one thing to you before we go to the glitches.
TERRENCE IS SO CHEAP! I know, he is a "prize" but seriously, i don't know if you intended to do it, but you can just throw shurikens at the enemy, and he will just react if he is kinda close to you! Plus he is fast! So, i just recomend you to put a minimun range to the shuriken, and slow down Terrence speed a little bit, but not too much, he doens't have a shield anyways. :P
If not, whatever, the game will not lose it's fun.

While i was playing, i just came over 2 glitches, but one didn't taked the fun out, and didn't really affect the gameplay.

1 - When i reached the boss (in the castle part) with Bob, ya know, your character freezes and the boss says his lines. Then, after he said, my character keeped frozen, then the boss atacked but i didn't losed my health. After his attack, my character just unfrozen and i could battle him and end the game. It didn't really fucked with my game, but i just think i should tell it.

2 - When you defeat the boss with Terrence, you can't drop him from the castle, and that means that you can't end the game with him. :/

So, thats my review.

I would give it a 8 because the "Terrence's glitch" and the idea, that is over used.
But it hell worth playing, it's great to pass time! So i would give it a 9. :)

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Skribble-Style responds:

Awesome comment, thanks for taking the time to write it!

Thanks for the glitches and the explanations, that will help a lot with figuring out how to fix them :D

Portal Defenders Portal Defenders

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The drawing of the game is very simple. but it's pretty cool and precise.
The animation is smooth and there is no lag, even in my fucked up pc.
The game itself is very simple but funny and adictive to play, and remember the old and good arcade beat em up games.
The dificult level of the game is well balanced, it's not very easy, and not impossible to get to the end.
And, to end the review, it doesn't have any glitches (at least i didn't see any).

And so, in my opinion it is a perfect game.

10/10 - 5/5

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